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XP Pro vs XP Home

By butch7 ยท 6 replies
Sep 28, 2005
  1. I'm buildiing 2 new machines in the near future. Any significant advantages using XP Pro over the Home edition?
  2. Spike

    Spike TS Evangelist Posts: 2,168

    For some yes, for others, no.

    If you can give details of what these machines will be used for, and what you may or may not like to do with them in future (remote desktop, webserving, andvanced security and auditng policies, etc etc) then we can probably advise more accurately on which one you want.

    Speaking from a personal point of view, I'd go for XP Pro every time - it means that if you want something in the future that's not on XP home, you don't have to go out and buy windows again to do it.

    The advantages of Pro over Home are very specific to whtehr or not you'd use the features missing in Home.
  3. Tedster

    Tedster Techspot old timer..... Posts: 6,000   +15

    only if you don't want tools like degragmenter, and some network tools.

    In many cases they're also in home - but buried deep.
  4. IronDuke

    IronDuke TS Rookie Posts: 856

    Pro has better security if you're networking the two. Probably not too much to gain if you've just got the two machines.
  5. TS | Thomas

    TS | Thomas TS Rookie Posts: 1,319

  6. BillGates

    BillGates TS Rookie Posts: 88

    mmm advantages over xp home

    remote desktop better support for videogames, easier to recover your system with system restore.

    ummm If you go online for help and someone tells you to type something in then most likely it will work.

    for your own diagnostics incase your internet fails etc. The widley used command prompt will work and all the networking stuff is built in along with alot of auto detct stuff that makes it even better.

    the answer to which is better is XP Pro, there is no point of buying home because it is XP with less features and an extremely low amount of security, stablitly, ease of use, and reliablity.
  7. Blakhart

    Blakhart TS Rookie Posts: 353

    If you wish to have more granular user account settings, pro is the way. I feel that pro can be locked down more easily and securely than home can. I prefer it in uses where many people will access the systems, or more security than the standard home accounts can deliver is warranted.

    By the way, home is pro, just has certain features disabled. No sense in making 2 separate os when disabling feature sets will do.
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