XP repair of corrupted windows installer

By frmarine
Apr 15, 2009
  1. my os:xp updated from sp2>sp3 late last summer & i believe thats how the windows installer became corrupted which i've read can happen by deleting a folder/key.who knows. my 3 yr old custom pc did'nt come with an xp cd. i have a dell pc from 2003 that has an xp cd-sp1 that was never used. QUESTION: can i repair just the installer from this cd on my newer pc? and how would i go about it step by step. i read that you have to boot from the xp cd to start the process by changing the bios to boot from a cd first intead of the hard drive. is that correct? i ran "sfc scannow" but i did'nt see it finish, so i don't know what it found. THANX for your time\help.
  2. rev_olie

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    More commonly than not you cannot simply repair an install using a 3rd party (well as such Dell) install disk. This will be simply to reformat and reinstall your old operating system.

    You will require an actual Windows Disk to perform a repair task.
    Also with the hardware used with a Dell and the build you have most probably it will not activate and you will be locked out of Windows.

    Therefore you will need to buy a new XP disk to reinstall XP on your system. Sorry.

    If you manage to get hold of an XP disk then you can follow THESE INSTRUCTIONS to perform a repair function.
    However don't forget if you get hold of an XP disk then you need to also have a valid XP activation code.

    This is indeed correct. However most system will have the system read the disk first before the hard drive. More info can be found HERE

    However you didn't say if you could still get into your PC. If you cant then follow this guide HERE to get your data back if you can't boot to windows.

    Apart from that you will need to buy a new XP disk or if you can give use more information on the error then we may be able to help.
  3. frmarine

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    rev_olie reply

    thanx for the quick reply. its too bad the windows xp home cd i have won't work on this pc. by the way, i'm on the custom pc now. everything works fine on this pc except for the windows installer. i'm un-employed so i can't afford a new xp cd. i have RestorIT software which i've use a couple of times before, and it works great so i'll just have to restore back to the first static point. i've already backed up certain programs/files to cd's so this is my only option now. i was hoping the xp cd would repair the installer so i wouldn't have to reset alot of settings after i roll back the pc. thanx again for the advice.
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