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Jun 13, 2007
  1. Hi,

    My XP is incredibly slow to load, when shutting down can take best part of 20mins and there are always loads or error message boxes I have to click on at the close. I had ME before and it was no better.

    Also when running I often use my machine for web surfing but I find that after being on for a while this slows down alot too. I thought this would be more to do with broadband connection speed. But it seems to be happening in such a regular pattern that it must be more to do with system slow down.

    I am tempted by these utilitities that offer to optimise your system, has anyone tried them? However, I am a little wary of downloading a utility from an unknown source without getting a few recommendations first.

    Also I have alot of old files that I definitely want to keep and even old programs that I haven't used for years but may still need occasionally so I would need a tool that allowed me to verify what was to be deleted.

    The other quick win I was hoping for is that I have loads of files on my desk top which I know can slow down the start up. However if I delete these files from my start up are they deleted completely or am I just deleting the link. (i only want to delete the link).

    Kind Regards

  2. Ididmyc600

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    Start > Run >Msconfig >enter >last tab "Startup" untick all the things you dont want starting at startup.

    Add remove programs, get rid of all the stuff you dont use anymore.

    Files on desktop, all that should be on a desktop is shortcuts, put everything else on the route of the drive or in your documents folder and create shortcuts, get rid of any unused or little used shortcuts.

    Use a program like webroot window washer to remove all the temporary files , IE history, cookies etc

    Go into explorer and check the programs folder for any folders that are empty (left over from a bad uninstall) and delete them.

    Run defrag on the hard drive.

    Watch your PC speed up dramatically.

    Apps that you can download, pah just a little housekeeping on a weekly basis will keep any PC running well.

  3. Bazman

    Bazman TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Hi thanks for that,

    I am implementing your suggestions now.

    With things like short cuts for programs if I simply delete the icon from desktop that will just deletet the shortcut right? Not the whole program.

    I still want to be able to access the program by going through the start menu I just don;t want it on my desktop any longer. I also have alot of .exe files in my desktop which I guess the developers put there to make sure you install their programs but after I have installed them I assume the .exe files can be deleted out of desktop too?

  4. nat6138

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    If you delete the icon from the desktop, it won't delete the whole program. Unless you have the whole program on your desktop.

    I'm pretty sure you can delete the .exe files on the desktop, assuming that they're installers or something.
  5. Ididmyc600

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    Yes to both questions, if your not sure then send them to your documents folder.

  6. Bazman

    Bazman TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks again!

    Your suggestions have dramatically improved my start up times.

    Only slight thing is that when using the window wash utility it has deleted all my saved passwords for sites like this. I assume if I de-select internet cookies this won't happen.

    Also my PC is still prone to freezing particularly when switching between multiple instances of internet exporer any other suggestions here would be much appreciated.

    Further on shut down I am still getting loads of error messages which I must manually acknowledge. I would like to a) check that they are nothing serious and b) providing they aren;t find someway to circumvent this highly monotonous task!

  7. Ididmyc600

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    Can you tell us what the error messages say so that we can work out what is wrong,

    As for the cookies and passwords, having windows remember them is a no no, if you should ever get a backdoor trojan this is one of the first things to get stolen.

    Cookies are best eaten with milk not stored on a computer.

    It does sound to me that a reinstall may be your best option, and then a weekly/monthly housecleaning schedule be implemented.

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