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XP sp2 BSOD - 20 minidumps included

By TechnoFeather
Mar 15, 2008
  1. Hi!

    I'm having quite some problems with random BSOD's. It doesn't matter if I'm doing something with the PC or not, the Temps are all OK, Memtest passed 9 times, PSU is OK as well. Tested the HDDs and installed a clean XP SP2 on my external HD and after about 4-5 Days the same BSOD came there as well. Don't really know what to do next.

    You can download the latest 20 minidumps here.

    most minidumps contain:

    LAST_CONTROL_TRANSFER: from bf836303 to 805df794

    In January this year I've upgraded my CPU from a E6600 (Intel DualCore) to a Q6600 (Intel QuadCore with the same speed, only two more cores), so now I'm a bit worried, that my Motherboard doesn’t like the new CPU or that the CPU is somehow corrupt. My second suspicion would be the Windows Update, which I performed just before I installed the new CPU and of course again with the new installed XP on the external drive.

    Maybe someone here can get some sense out of the minidumps…

  2. kimsland

    kimsland Ex-TechSpotter Posts: 14,524

    All MiniDumps point to Win32k.sys

    Although this fault can be related to:
    Ram (Already Covered)
    Services (Could be)
    Driver issue (ie Norton or Hp)
    CPU (That's it!)

    Please load Optimized defaults in CMOS, and confirm your CPU is not overclocked.
    Worse case scenario, faulty CPU (also the most likely)
  3. TechnoFeather

    TechnoFeather TS Rookie Topic Starter

    CMOS defaults loaded and the CPU is now not overclocked. Tried that once before, but didn't load the defaults with it. Will report if something new happens...

    btw: I've looked again at the CPU Temps and the Core #0 Temp is around 4°C higher than the other three:
    Core #0: 30°C
    Core #1: 26°C
    Core #2: 24°C
    Core #3: 26°C

    If it really is the CPU, then there might be something wrong with the first core I guess?! But then again, all the four cores were/are Prime-stable...:suspiciou
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