XP sp2 professional Blue screen doom ***** requires help

By monkeygun
Dec 3, 2005
  1. Hey guy's well i no very little about computers however i decided to finaly upgrade my sp from 98 to XP as 98 is becoming obselete. Anyway i bought XP service Pack 2 cheap off ebay and it all loaded fine and was working well cept i needed to update my sound card driver so i got the download of this website for XP. However halfway through setup it said the software didnt have a valid certificate, well being a fool i ignored this and finished the installation and at the end it told me to restart so duly i did. However following this XP now crashes just before opening the login screen with the following blue screen warning "STOP 0x0000008E (0XC0000005, 0X804EC6E9, OXF4B44560, 0X00000000)". I cannot load it in any mode, safe mode hangs at Driver: MUP. This was the first time i restarted my computer with xp so im unsure wether it was me using the wrong driver or it was a faulty xp. Anyway help would be useful the sound card was a realtek ac-97. How can i change my dirver if i cannot load windows?
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    XP service pak2 cheap off of EBay sounds like the likely suspect here.

    Do you have another XPCD to try re-install XP ? ?

    patio. :cool:
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    The software may not be authentic, but I don't think it is to blame - It installed fine. He did mention the driver thing though...
    .. And this happens on certain configurations with retails discs. So this is probably expected.

    mup.sys is a driver file for networking used by Windows (especially) with the novel networking client installed. I'm just guessing here, but I would try to boot into safe mode (tap the F8 key a split second before Windows starts up and choose "safe mode", not "safe mode with networking" from the menu). If you are actually able to boot into safe mode, uninstall your network card from device manager. If the computer boots into Windows the next time around, we know it is network card related. Reinstalling the network card or updating the driver may even solve the issue.

    Something else you may be able to do is uninstall all of the networking services & protocols from your network connection(s). You can do this in safemode by clicking Start --> Control Panel --> Network Connections

    Right clck on your network connection and choose "Properties". Choose each networking protocol/service you see except for TCP/IP and click the "uninstall" button. You should be able to uinstalling most if not all of the protocols/services.

    If booting into safe does not solve your issue, then you may have corrupted system files. This is when I might blame the eBay CD or assume there's a problem that shouldn't exist.

    My next step would be to attempt to delete mup.sy_ file from the computer. I'm unaware if this is safe to do or not, but might as well try it! hehe! The worst thing that can happen is you can copy mup.sy_ from the XP CD using recovery console to C:\Windows\System32\Drivers as mup.sys... Which is what I'd try next to make sure it isn't a corrupt driver issue and if mup.sys happens to be a required Windows file.
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