XP SP2 wont let me connect to the internet.

By Charlie B ยท 4 replies
Dec 21, 2006
  1. I own a compaq persario desktop, ive had it for a few years and decided to clean out the c: drive and reinstall XP pro just to clean out all the clutter and start fresh. Everything worked fine (formatting the hd & reinstalling windows) until I started to install XPs service packs. Once i updated to sp2 my internet quite working or if it does work. I get a total of five minutes out of it and then it drops I have firefox and explorer both installed but neither works. And now my virus detector (PC-cillin) is telling me I have a virus (scvhost.exe) in my system32 folder. Which i cannot find, delete nor quarantine, but it tells me its there. Now im reading reports that its not even a virus that its apart of windows op. system. And I tried to unistall sp2 which resulted in my computer taking a dump and i had to reinstall xp to get her back to this point. help me please

    Charlie B
  2. SNGX1275

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    First, I have no idea what your problem is. If its a fresh install SP2 should go on nicely without breaking anything.

    Second, don't title your posts with titles like "Help!" I know there are people that don't read every post and only help out on ones they think they can, if you don't have a title that even remotely describes your problem it has a much lower chance of getting solved.

    Please read the post linked in my signature, it will be to everyone's advantage.
  3. Charlie B

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    Yea I realized after the fact that help wasnt a good title but I cant fiqure out how to change it, anyway I had all of the service packs installed before I cleaned house, thats why im so confused with whats happening now

    Edit: Thread title changed ;)
  4. SultanGris

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    you should have good results if you install windows, and then install sp2 before installing any other programs or drivers.

    a good way to do it, if you have a cd burner, is to make a windows xp install disk with sp1 and sp2 slipstreamed into it. the more stuff you install before you install sp2 will result in more problems.
  5. Charlie B

    Charlie B TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I tried that earlier but I got this error message stating that the "expected version of xp was not found" even though the downloads came from windowes. So I went back and reinstalled the updates before everything else. and just as before, after I installed sp2 my internet connection dropped. However I can use my peer to peer (limewire) just fine, downloads and uploads. just dosent make sense
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