XP Tablet BSOD: w29n51.sys / Intel Wireless

By KittensRevenge
Dec 24, 2006
  1. Well, for the first time evAr, my laptop seems to have succumb to the Blue Screen. Very sad time for me as my laptop, despite Toshiba's reputation, has always been quite the trooper through two years of college. Anyhow, after searching on Google I eventually landed here where I found that the likely culprit is my wireless card for these BSODs for two reasons:

    - The driver that has failed every time is w29n51.sys which is the driver for my wireless card.
    - I shut off the wireless card with the hotswitch on the case and jacked in and the machine is now rock solid.

    I have seen that driver updates seem to be the remedy for this, however I am one to always ask for a second (more personalized) opinion.

    I uploaded the contents of the minidump folder to: http://www.secondgracemedia.com/dumps/

    Preceeding these BSODs I switched from Eset's NOD32 to Avast! Home FREE. However an uninstall of Avast has not cured the problem and the machine actually crashed in "Safe Mode with Networking" while the wireless hotswitch was on.

    I'd appreciate any input you can provide me from the dumps.

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