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By hiptobesquare
Oct 10, 2006
  1. hi chaps, i'll try and explain my problem as best i can, but unfortunately for us i have limited knowledge on the issue.

    a few weeks back i went to barcelona, and i took my sony viao (pcg-fr215h) with me, before i went it was getting prone to overheating probably due to the amount of dust in it. anyway, ive also had problems with the power supply coming loose and it loosing power and instantly turning off. it did this once or twice when i was away, but the last time it happened it didnt recover. i tryed turning it back on, but it wouldnt boot up, i got the dreaded blue screen and an error message. one that i didnt write down.

    i left my laptop off the remaining time i was away, and planned on having a go at fixing it when i came back, i got back and it still wouldnt boot. so i formatted the hard drive (fat. not quick format!) with the OS installed on it and planned on reinstalling the OS (XP pro, where-as before it was XP home) i tried installing XP pro but the laptop turned off before it had got to the end of the bit with the blue screen where it is installing all the small files (.sys .fon . dll etc) it got about 70% in to it

    now if i try booting it, i get "NTLDR is missing" so i keep trying to install windows XP pro but it wont get to the end of the bit with the blue screen before it turns off! help!!!! it all seems to be charging fine, and even with full charge in the battery and running on mains it still turns off usually around 50%-80% into the stage where its copying all the little files.

    even if someone could help me get the files off the second internal hard drive that would be great, i should have backed up, i have 1000's of pictures and gig's of music that i need to access!

    thanks in adv' guys!
  2. hiptobesquare

    hiptobesquare TS Rookie Topic Starter

    double post
  3. hiptobesquare

    hiptobesquare TS Rookie Topic Starter

    i just got the message:


    i should add that it doesnt get as far into copying the files when it is hot/warm
  4. Rik

    Rik Banned Posts: 3,814

    Thats because its a Sony Vaio, they are exceptional. As in exceptionally poorly made! And excpetionally poorly designed!

    Search for the words sony and vaio together and all you will see is complaints and problems!!!
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