XP won't load Blue Screen

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Jun 10, 2005
  1. I recently removed some spyware with spyware cleaner. After that I had to reboot. Now when Ever I Start my computer, the windows xp loading screen begins and then goes changes to a blue screen. Think login screen without any people to login. It is a blue screen. I can still move my mouse but I cannot do anything. Nothing works. Safe mode and debug mode all bring me to the same blue screen with a windows xp logo in the center. What do I do?
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    Did you Read anything on this forum, before you posted?
    Go to the very first one on this page: How to repair...
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    Try defragmenting your HD and see if the boot problem gets solved, as high levels of fragmentation may be the cause of startup issues. You could regularly run a specialized automatic defrag software that will run in the background, this will also help to optimize system performance.
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    i am having same problem. can anyone help please? my computer is basically useless right now and i need some stuff from it.
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    Hi guys,
    I am having the same problem. The welcome screen says "click on the username to login" but there are no usernames to select. All I can click is turn off the computer. I have no where to proceed. I am NOT an advanced computer guy. However, I have tried booting in safe mode, repair installation, but nothing works. So, please if somebody can tell me in simple words how to fix this problem, I really appreciate. Thanks
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    I think XP Pro allows Logging in via Ctrl+Alt+Del. Press the del key twice at the end of the sequence, and the old Win 2000 type login screen should show up.
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