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By mittu ยท 7 replies
Jul 31, 2005
  1. i hav just formated my pc n installed windows xp in my system, n i hav treid to install yahoo messenger from the dump of setup, i hav.
    for the first time it worked properly but, but after that it is creatin prob n xp dilogue box is sayin "yahoo messenger has encourterd sum prob, so v hav to close it"
    i hav many times re-installed it, dunno know wat to do now, please help.

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  2. urbandragon

    urbandragon TS Rookie Posts: 231

    1st.. use a font we can all see please.....

    secondly .. uninstall the corrupt yahoo messenger..

    go to and download and install yahoo messenger.

    Do not use a locally saved copy of the ym installer. I have seen it have problems before.
  3. mittu

    mittu TS Rookie Topic Starter

    yahoo messenger

    sorry for that font,
    k, i'll do that.
  4. deepti

    deepti TS Rookie

    facing problem with yahoo messenger

    after login to YIM ,it crashes if i try to send a message or for that matter do any thing.
    I hv tried reinstalling it plenty of times but its of no use.
    please suggest why its crashing for me and what can be done to rectify this problem
  5. urbandragon

    urbandragon TS Rookie Posts: 231

    try logging into the webmessenger version.

    I have seen this once before on my system actually.

    Not sure what the problem was but after accessing it via the web messenger version it worked fine.

    Also have you tried using a different ID to see if it could be related to your YM profile?
  6. deepti

    deepti TS Rookie

    i have tried other user names does not work.
    As for web messenger i am not sure what that is and how that can help me use my Yahoo messenger without crashing
  7. hassedo

    hassedo TS Rookie

    i have a weird problem

    i have a problem with my yahoo messenger version 8.0, i tried older versions and re-installed the yahoo messenger but it still has the same problems. it's weird coz i think i'm the only having this problems here and this bever happened before. i just got a new computer it's windows service pack 2. and when i downloaded yahoo messenger and installed it, it was ok. but i can't read messages that people send me. the message window is just blank but message windows appear indicating that there's a message. and it's funny coz this only happen in yahoo messenger, i even had a trouble downloading it at first coz when i click download it won't and i finally got a solution, now this. it's funny coz how i read the messages i read sent to me is by saving it into a .txt file and open it in notepad, then i can see the messages. it's very troublesome, coz i have so many messages arriving and i have to do that every single time i reply to them and they send a message back.. PLEASE HELP ME!!!
  8. dennisrayan

    dennisrayan TS Rookie

    same here!

    To Hassedo,
    U hit the nail in the head.. Even I faced the same problem... go check this link out.. It should solve the problem!!
    I joined ths place only now..
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