Problem of new builds / updates in win-10 TP

  1. I'm Mr. Viraf P Chinoy from Mumbai - India. I've been a windows insider for almost 2 years now.

    Presently I'm using build 14367 of win-10 that I'd installed on 20-06-16.
    A very serious prob that I face therein is that of very high Net Usage.

    My ISP has set a limit of 33 GB / month.
    In the last month I'd used 82GB as on 31-05 & it is almost 62 GB till 25-06.
    The defer updates box has been ticked by me & I'm also on slow channel but despite that Net Usage is heavy.
    There are many days when anything between 1.5 to 4 GB is used in 1 day. I don't know for what is it used???

    I can understand that 4GB is used when I download the .ISO / install a new build that's fine.
    At an average I install 2 builds / month on my PC.
    so roughly 8 GB is used & prob of new updates is somewhat avoided / delayed.!!
    But on other days when I'm not doing that why & what for is this being used / done???
    I keep a track of all the downloads that I do / all the updates of browsers / other apps that I use properly.

    Please help me resolve this problem at the earliest???.
    Shall I cancel my windows insider membership?
    Is that a solution or even for normal user it will continue ?? Pl help me with a solution in the matter ASAP.

    Viraf P Chinoy

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