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Yet another CS FPS prob... TRIED EVERYTHING (help!)

By HAPYman
Apr 10, 2004
  1. Off hand I just want you to know that I read all the threads regarding this topic in this forum all ready; to no avail. On top of that I have tried every tweak I could find. I am very familiar with console commands and using cfg files. My computer specs are not spectacular (see below) but have never had problems until recently (been playing since CS 1.2). Also I am running on a CABLE modem with about a 350Kbyte dl and a 35 Kbyte ul. My ping tends to be stable at about 60-70 while this is occuring.

    Well here is the problem: when I first start a net game everything is running smoothly until after about 4 minutes of play. This is when randomly my fps will drop from my normal avg. of about 70-80 fps down to BELOW 10!! This has made it almost unbearable to play as of late .

    Things I have tried:

    - Virtually all CS commands, graphic, client related.
    - HLtoolz on the best FPS pre-set. (game looks extremely crappy and the same thing occurs)
    - that NVRefreshTool that someone mentioned in another thread that forces the computer to a certain refresh rate during game. (My max refresh rate is 85 kHz I believe)
    - Disabled Vsync
    - Newest Drivers
    - Using DirectX 8.1

    Here are some of the cvars I am currently using:
    // FPS Tweaks

    cl_himodels 0
    gl_keeptjunctions 0
    gl_clear 0
    gl_cull 1
    gl_dither 1
    gl_lightholes 0
    gl_palette_tex 1
    gl_spriteblend 0
    gl_ztrick 0
    r_detailtextures 0
    r_detailtexturessupported 0
    r_mirroralpha 0
    r_mmx 0
    violence_ablood 1
    violence_hblood 1
    violence_agibs 0
    violence_hgibs 0
    precache 1
    fs_lazy_precache 0
    cl_dynamiclights 0
    cl_shadows 0
    cl_minmodels 1
    s_a3d 0
    s_eax 0
    s_reverb 0
    voice_dsound 1
    gl_texturemode GL_LINEAR_MIPMAP_NEAREST
    gl_round_down 3
    gl_picmip 1
    gl_playermip 2
    gl_max_size 64
    fastsprites 2
    d_spriteskip 1
    ati_npatch 0
    ati_subdiv 0
    cl_identiconmode 2
    cl_particlefx 0
    cl_weather 0
    cd_fps 0
    cl_corpsestay 1
    hpk_maxsize 1
    max_wallpuffs 1
    max_rubble 1
    max_shells 1
    max_smokepuffs 1

    // Ping Tweaks

    cl_nopred 0
    cl_lw 1
    cl_lb 1
    cl_lc 1
    cl_download_ingame 0
    cl_allowupload 0
    voice_enable 1
    voice_modenable 1
    rate 20000
    cl_updaterate 45
    mp_decals 20
    cl_rate 20000
    cl_cmdrate 100
    cl_cmdbackup "100"

    Any insight into why this is happening or what I can do to fix this would be most greatly appreciated Hopefully there is something that I may have overlooked or have not tried Thx

    Computer Specs:

    Pentium III 800 Mhz
    396 MB Ram
    nVidia TNT2 model 64
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