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Yet another SATA\Memory problem!

By Tolucalake
Jan 20, 2005
  1. I recently bought a SATA WD 120GB HDD and a Kingston 512MB/333 memory chip.

    I did everything in order (pressed F6 for third party, installed Si3112r etc) and WindowsXP would install fine but hang on reboot.

    Eventually I got it right (re-arranged the devices, changed some BIOS settings) but XP loads slowly and Standby is missing.
    Also APM is missing from both Power Management and the Add Hardware menu.
    Raid Controller in Device Manager has a question mark.

    I ran HD Tach and it said 50MB/s average read (not that I fully understood what I was reading). The red bar in the graph says 117MB/s.

    After installing a new memory chip Windows loads even slower and occasionally freezes for 5-6 seconds.

    I haven't updated the BIOS. There are a few Bios updates for my mobo at the Gigabyte site which address some issues but it's too technical for me. Also I've read all posts with problems similar to mine but still don't know what to do.

    Thank you for reading. Any help would be most appreciated.

    My system is:

    Intel P4 2.66GHz
    Gigabyte 8PE800 845 Intel chipset
    2X512MB/333 RAM chips (one Kingston, one Transcend)
    SATA WD 120GB HDD (it shows as 111GB)
    ATI 9700 Radeon Pro
    Plextor CD-R PX W4824A
    a floppy drive
    WindowsXP SP1
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