You can grab Death Stranding free from the Epic Games Store for the next few hours


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In a nutshell: The Epic Games Store is playing the part of Santa Claus this year by giving away one of the biggest games in recent times. The offer has proved so popular that it temporarily crashed the site's servers. Hideo Kojima's Death Stranding can currently be downloaded and kept forever without costing you a penny, but make sure to move fast if you want a copy, as the sale only lasts a few more hours (until 8 am PT / 11 am ET on December 26).

Death Stranding was one of the most hotly anticipated games when released on the PS4 in 2019 (the PC version arrived in 2020). The open-world adventure and its all-star cast arrived to critical acclaim—it was PC Gamer's best title of 2020—but the unique gameplay and mechanics mean it's not for everyone, which is why Epic's free giveaway is so appealing; there's no need to risk any money on something you might not like.

Epic started off the deal by giving away the more recent Death Stranding Director's Cut. However, it seems the offer proved more popular than expected. Much like the GTA V giveaway in 2020, the huge number of people trying to access the service caused it to overload. Once the Epic Games Store came back, the giveaway had changed to the base edition of Death Stranding. That's still a good offer, and owners of the base game can upgrade to the Director's Cut for just $6 by taking advantage of the current Steam Christmas Sale.

The Epic Game Store gives away a different game each day as part of its holiday sale. There have been some big names on the list, including Wolfenstein: The New Order, Sable, and Metro Last Light Redux. There are four more titles being given away before it ends, the next of which arrives in a few hours when the Death Stranding offer expires.

If you want to see if Death Stranding lives up to the hype, the deal ends at 11:00 AM Eastern Standard Time, so you better move fast. There's also a slew of other holiday discounts on the store and Steam; check out some of these great offers on Valve's site.

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Seems, something is forgotten above. Link to the original news piece on PC Gamer, probably?

Btw, the link named "upgrade to the Director's Cut" doesn't lead to the Steam store.

That got me as well - I never thought you could get a game on Epic - then DLC on Steam or the other way round - Apparently you can for some games - but you have to move downloads or pointer - so rather painful.
Both Steam and Epic are discounting DLC - seems best to play on Std - Then DC as DC makes it easier - eg killing mules or something like that


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Yeahhhh, finally got around to playing this movie game after trying to get and download it yesterday (servers were overloaded, you'd think they'd have something figured out to avoid that by now).

Gave it 2hrs, and I played for about 30-40mins, all of which was just walking. I got to pee on a rock though, which was fun I guess.

But man, the weird stuff they just casually explain didn't help with the immersion either. I don't get the hype about the game.


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I think EPIC's strategy of giving free games may not last. Given the high borrowing cost, inflation and recession, they will likely find themselves in a difficult position to get more funding to throw money at getting exclusive and free games. May be I wasn't paying attention to anything EPIC platform related, but I don't recall seeing/ hearing a lot of high profile free games on EPIC store like they used to, until the holiday season for this year. And as usual, I don't believe all these free games translates to a lot of game sale revenue. Most people just download, and some just played these games which they are curious about, and then forget about it. EPIC wanted people to have a library of games so that they will use their EPIC account primarily, and I don't see that happening after so many years. They failed to understand that people build their game library based on genre preference. So if one prefers RPG, and they are given a bunch of free games that are unrelated, people will still download since its free. But will they use it, unlikely. And if they don't play those games, it is also unlikely they will use their EPIC account over say a Steam account.