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Oct 31, 2008
  1. wdawg

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    What do you all think about the Service Pack 3? I'm guessing this is relatively new now in Windows Update, but I can't seem to get it installed without failing everytime. Most recently, it started doing the backup stuff and trying to install, but failed on a couple of files and told me that it was completely installed and I may experience some problems with Windows. My computer has rebooted without my action twice in the last 2 days.

    Should I be concerned? I don't even think SP3 can be in my downloaded programs because it failed every time. So, I don't know that I could remove it. Any suggestions?

    Update: Surprisingly, there is a shell of the SP3 in add/remove programs with no data (doesn't tell me how big the program is). Safe to remove? I haven't been noticing that people are updating to SP3 - is it a necessity?
  2. Bobbye

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    There have been mixed feelings about SP3- some advise it under any circumstances. I do not. Technically, if you had SP1, Sp2 and the update since, you wouldn't be gaining much with SP3. Also, you have just been through a serious malware cleaning. You need to make sure your system is clean and stable first.

    Many have had problems with SP3- either the actual download and install as you notice now, or after it's installed on the system. For instance, SP3 on an AMD processor is a know problem.
  3. wdawg

    wdawg TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 37

    Well, then, that's definitely got to be it, Bobbye. I have an AMD processor. I kept noticing that a lot of people in their threads have mentioned that they have SP2 and I was curious why they haven't upgraded. I'm going to remove whatever shell that was that I got a partial install with. It mentioned to me that problems with Windows could occur if the full install wasn't done (which I couldn't get to work for me), so that's probably the problem now with the involuntary reboots.

    Just kind of scary because that was some of the symptoms before my system was cleaned and back into good order.

    I'll remove that shell of the update from Add/Remove Programs when I get to the house.

    Thanks for the information, Bobbye.
  4. Bobbye

    Bobbye Helper on the Fringe Posts: 16,334   +36

    You're welcome- just in time, huh?
  5. wdawg

    wdawg TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 37

    Yeah, really! I'm so paranoid about my system now - I don't want anymore issues with it. Have a feeling I'll be upgrading soon, though, because my current system is about 5 years old. My computer has run off of 512MB of RAM since I bought it which I hear is just about ancient nowadays. Not too thrilled about the "cool looking Vista" either. But, while I've got it, I want to keep it in as good of condition as possible.
  6. rf6647

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    It is my understanding that HP machines using the AMD processor may fail updating to SP3 due to 'customization' of the OEM version of XP. I have not come across anything beyond this bit of 'folk lore'.

    My HP, laptop, Celeron-M, updated to SP3 successfully about 2 weeks ago.

    My home-brew desktop, AMD XP2800, Asus a7n8x, XP Pro: SP3 update was successful (months ago)
  7. Vezineth

    Vezineth TS Rookie

    I have read in posts that having Norton will screw up the SP 3 installation. Since you do not have it any longer you can put it on AMD.
  8. kimsland

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    Actually these words are correct, but doesn't that make you about 10yrs old back in 2000? or ar you 18+8 26yo now?

    Anyway, I agree, Norton was without a doubt the best AV (Back then)
    I also agree with your others like Kaspersky (now too bloated just like all of them actually!)
    I usually recommend Avira free AV (seems to be ok still, except for the big splash screens)
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