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Your Opinion on the illuminati

By Grr_San_jose_Ca ยท 32 replies
May 29, 2006
  1. Whats your opinion on illuminati and the whole davinci code book?
    i will express my opinon later but im kind of sleepy right now so id just thought i'd make this post before i went to bed good night.
  2. Spike

    Spike TS Evangelist Posts: 2,168

    My opinion on the davinci code book, is less of an opinion, and more of a fact. It is a brilliant and compelling work of fiction loosely based around a collection of real life facts and hoaxes.

    The illuminati? Big Brother is watching you.
  3. Nodsu

    Nodsu TS Rookie Posts: 5,837   +6

    Illuminati.. Weren't those some bad guys in Deus Ex? I kicked their *** :D

    I personally don't read any books that no one remembers after 10 years. And besides, i so many people like it, then it can't possibly be good :p
  4. Vigilante

    Vigilante TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,666

    Apparently a fine piece of fiction. It's sad how so many people can pick it up and call it fact right off the batt. And they need more PROOF that the Bible is true which has been around forever and believed by billions?

    Didn't read the code, probably won't, probably won't see the acclaimed movie either. A load of hype right now, we'll see what happens anyhoo...
  5. Didou

    Didou Bowtie extraordinair! Posts: 4,274

    I can't really say that the movie has been acclaimed over here contrary to the book. ;)
  6. URANium238

    URANium238 TS Rookie Posts: 32

    I read the book, it's interesting and all, but it's just fiction, like Spike said. The movie... I asked some people about it, the one's haven't read the book say it's wonderful, the one's that have, say it's crap. I haven't seen it yet. And nope, I'll just wait until it's on DVD or better yet, download it (yeah I know).
  7. CMH

    CMH TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 2,039   +9

    You mean download it legally off a website that makes you pay for it right?

    Its a good read I must say, but bear in mind you found the book under "fiction", not "history". I believe its good because alot of people said it was, and probably because I was biased because of that. His other books were crap. Angels and Demons were passable, but I would recommend others.

    His other books should be found under "discount".
  8. Grr_San_jose_Ca

    Grr_San_jose_Ca TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 91

    So what do you think about the world being ruled by a secret society i personally think its all fake but alot of people belive its true.......I just question them in why they think its true and they say "Didnt you see the movie"?
  9. Spike

    Spike TS Evangelist Posts: 2,168

    Well, I've thought that it was true since before the book or the movie, but I don't think it's anything so sinister as the fabled "illuminati".

    However, There definitely is some truth in the "new world order" concept. A lot happens in this world behind closed doors. The Bush/Blair relationship is evidence of this, as is the fact that Saddam Hussein stayed in power for so long and gained so much of it.

    The real question is that of just how far it all goes. Well, no. That's the second most important question. The most important question is whether It's something for me to loose too much sleep over, and I'm afraid the answer to that has to be no for a whole variety of reasons - not least that I want absolutely nothing to do with it.
  10. smtkr

    smtkr TS Rookie Posts: 131

    I don't read books like this. I prefer classics. The slop that becomes NYT best sellers is not for me.

    Funny story about this: Several days ago, some folks accosted me at school. They were a couple of Christians trying to convince me of the author's heresy. I came to find out that neither of them had even read the book. It's a shame the Christians are taking this so seriously. They've probably made it a success.
  11. altheman

    altheman TS Rookie Posts: 425

    i dont know about the da vinci code, im not really interested in it, but what worries me is stuff that i read ages back about RFID tags, and chips being used in people is happening now. i think we are being lead to a state where we will be monitered by the government 24/7.
    am i the type that believes in conspiracies?? yes, i am, but this is just my opinion of stuff.
  12. Vigilante

    Vigilante TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,666

    We ARE monitored 24/7 already :)
    If you use a credit card, have a cell phone, drive a licensed car, use E-Mail, make phone calls, have a bank account, have a social security number, been to public school, purchased an item with a "club card"; you have probably a terrabyte of data collected on you. If "somebody" so chooses, they could probably find out what color the toy car was your mom bought you on the 4th birthday, who your best friend was and your pet turtle's name. :)

    SOMEBODY has to take it seriously, being that so many blindly treat it as fact because they have no other truth to grasp. I don't have to jump off a building onto pavement before I'll know that it hurts me.

    Besides, if there were any truth to the story, he probably would have already been killed and the book never would have got published.
  13. Spike

    Spike TS Evangelist Posts: 2,168

    I've always believed that the emptiest vessels make the loudest noise. Roughly translated - If there's nothing to hide, why the fuss? ;)

    While the DaVinci Code is quite obviously a work of fiction (to anybody with even half an ounce of sense), What it has done is given people a whole new variety of perspectives to question the church from, opening up a whole new world of possibilities to them that they never really considered before.

    What the poeple protesting the book and the film are upset at more than anything else is that with such new perspectives, the corruption in the Church becomes quite obvious. Essentially, It's a book that made people think, and the Church doesn't like that.
  14. Vigilante

    Vigilante TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,666

    The Church has nothing to hide, what they don't like is another pack of lies keeping people from the truth.

    Don't make it sound like the Church is the illuminati, keeping people under spells to believe a certain way. And fight against any opposing force.
    People do what they've always done, believe what they want. How dare ANY organization tell ME what to believe. Humph, *sticks up nose*. Isn't that the new age thought process? "If it feels good to ME, it must be right for ME". And so we have the virtual store "shopping list" of religions and people choose the one that they like the best. Therefore, if the "truths" in Dainci appeal to a person, boom, they are now fact to that person. It doesn't matter what the truth really is, just what that person thinks is the truth.

    Interresting twist though. I mean, so what about the book right? It's fiction. BUT, some people want to act like there's truth in it, etc... But if you believe in Jesus and God and all that, then why not let God's Word tell you the story, instead of some dude's, or ANY person/organization's interpretation of it? But then, if you DON'T believe the story behind Jesus, don't believe in God etc... then what possible difference does "believing" or not believing the book have to do with anything?

    Personally I believe the bible to be God's word. Therefore, I don't believe any man's written book, any church building, catholic or morman or jewish or budist or whatever. I just believe what the book says. I know the so called "facts" in davinci to be against what the Bible teaches, therefore the book is heresy. Well, heresy is a strong word. It would be heresy I suppose if the book were billed as a non-fiction, factual look at the "real" history behind "the church" and Jesus. But since the book is a fiction novel, it need not be called heresy, but a wicked twisting of the truth for the sake of filling one's bank account.

    Anyway, what this book is NOT, is a book to cause people of any faith to waste any time arguing about it. lol
    I read Jurassic Park, but I didn't go around wondering if there was a secret island where people were running experements with DNA to create monsters or dinosaurs.

    Anyways, what the heck? I'm just rambling now, going for some pizza....
  15. Spike

    Spike TS Evangelist Posts: 2,168

    LOL! I'm not making out that the church is the Illuminati. For one thing, we know who they are in the church. All I'm saying is that the church has a long history of corruption and misdoing. (laugh only at that misunderstanding Vig, not you personally.)

    I would say that the Church DOES have something to hide. Don't get me wrong, I'm not taking a pop at the whole religion of Christianity with that statement, but purely the catholic entity of the church itself. What they have to hide is a whole lot of history, and a whole lot of corruption. I shant go through particular issues as they are pretty well known I should imagine.

    Historically speaking though, while I see nothing wrong with anyone choosing to believe in the word of God, I can't consider the Bible to be that pure word for the obvious reasons - not least because it is only half of the story. There are and have been many other Christian gospels out there, however, what we get is the Canon as dictated by the Church many many years ago. Apart from the fact that the bible is mans interpretation of godly events written some 300 or more years after the time, after being passed down through word of mouth for centuries, it was undoubtedly tainted over the last two millenia by the needs, desires, and ideas of those in power - this is what formed the canon, and this is why the bible is so demeaning of women (Leviticus 27:1-7, for one such example). It's because the climate of the time was such that Men in society were considered to be better than women, partly because of an general male tendancy to dominate, and partly because of prevailing economic and sociological conditions.

    Religiously speaking though, even though I am not Christian I am a very spiritual person, and so I can see enormous value in the bible. The Church has reduced christianity to a simple method of living for most. A strict dogma where as long as what you're told is accepted and you live a certain way, you'll go to heaven. This has evolved because the church has gotten bigger and more powerful, and like any corporate (or otherwise) entity, absolute power corrupts absolutely. The Church prefers it this way.

    I would say that in reading the bible, rather than the Holy Spirit working through the church to edit, evolve, and decide on the correct interpretation of Gods word, that in fact the Holy Spirit works through the reader to dig out and understand Gods word in the watered down writings from the pen of man.

    The bible, when you really get into it, is no easy thing to understand. Sophia (as found mentioned in numerous places in the Apocrypha accepted by the Catholic Church) is a prime example. For that matter, the subject of Biblical Canon itself is a rather in-depth thing to look at... and why does the Church even have an apocrypha (not only of the old testament, but of the new also)? And is it any coincidence that some of the books in it contain witness and gospel that could potentially harm the church?

    The one thing I feel about Christianity is that it should be only an intense and peersonal faith. The Church should be a unity of people with this faith under the eyes of God, rather than some kind of government that happens to own lots of impressive buildings and dictates to it's people what they should believe.

    There are of course many things I could say, but I'm not trying to make a personal attack on your beliefs here, and so some of them may be better left unsaid lest they be very easily be misinterpreted as such. All I'm giving is a brief historical interpretation, and also a religious interpretation of that history from my own spiritual perspective (which were my views even before the davinci code). :)

    (again, It's the Catholic Church itself I speak about more than anything, rather than those average people who follow it personally or Christianity itself)
  16. Vigilante

    Vigilante TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,666

    Sure, if by "the Church", you refer to Catholic church, then by all means, continue. I have no support of it :)

    I happen to believe that God has preserved his perfect Words through time. The old and new testements, written by God (holy spirit) and simply penned by men. I don't believe it has come to corruption in the hands of men. That is to say with so many "versions" to choose from, surely men have corrupted it, for certain. But there is God's pure words out there, in our English language, perhaps the KJV or some other literal translation. Certainly not a paraphrase version etc...
    It's a very large topic of itself, bible versions and where they came from etc... But I'm just saying, men have corrupted the Word, but there is also the pure Words in existense. After all, in Mathew, Mark, AND Luke Jesus said ""Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my Words shall NOT pass away". So you understand how critical it is for the Christian faith that we have God's Word, in perfect order, uncorrupted.
    If God exists and demands our worship, if He wrote these Words for all mankind then and forever, then we MUST have a perfect Word. If God didn't leave us His perfect Words that we can trust, then there is no point trying to follow them.

    As for Leviticus, don't bring old testimate ceremonial laws to our days today. Jesus fulfilled ALL of God's requirements on the cross. We no longer have to deal with such ceremonies. Jesus loved women and children and took every opportunity to minister to them as well. The Bible doesn't teach that men are "better", just that we have different roles. I'm only saying this because I myself have high respect for women, and for the Bible, and want to say that.

    Anyhow, for the sake of not getting this thread closed by the GMs, let's just keep the conversation on a light level, obviously we and many more could ramble on for ages on such topics. But I don't want to get the thread closed. So, I'll just sit back and let others continue the thread, if you get me.
    But ya, I agree with you on everything except having a perfect Word of God, and how women are treated in the Bible. lol. Equals, but different. Not master and slave, just different roles, different responsabilities etc...

    Fun stuff to talk about, but I've been there before, don't want to hijack the thread so I'll **** out for now.

  17. Nodsu

    Nodsu TS Rookie Posts: 5,837   +6

    The trouble is, who says which words are true and which are not? The words of God may not be lost, but no one really knows where they are either :p

    People are picking parts of the Bible they do like and ignore the parts they don't like, depending on the situation and the silly argument they are having. Bible is a huge piece of text and anyone can pick anything suitable to themselves out of it.. Hell, some people actually predict future and demonstrate the past using the Bible text.
  18. Grr_San_jose_Ca

    Grr_San_jose_Ca TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 91

    So spike who do you think is the illuminati and this whole thing?
  19. howard_hopkinso

    howard_hopkinso TS Rookie Posts: 24,177   +19

    The whole question is both stupid and superfluous.

    It`s all a load of BS. Is there really any point in trying to discuss something, that there`s absolutely not one iota of proof for?

    why it`s even being taken so seriously, is beyond me. It just goes to show how utterly stupid some folks really are.

    Surely there`s more important stuff to think about in this buggered up world.
  20. CMH

    CMH TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 2,039   +9

    The Illuminati is dead. It makes perfect sense that it is dead. No organization in the whole world has ever managed to share any secret at all for 50 years, much less 400 years without someone blurting out something and getting it into the news, and we're talking military here.

    Also, the main reason for all this hooha from the church is because you'll get alot of anti-church groups going around using the book as the ultimate proof against the church. And believe me, people are stupid enough to believe that. I believe all the church wants is a nice explanatory statement saying "All this is a work of fiction, except <list all that is true>". Same for the movie. I'll have to dig up my copy of the book, but the message said something about having some real history in there, without mentioning what is true and what is not.
  21. Vigilante

    Vigilante TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,666

    haha, howard, well said!

    You guys want conspiracies, this guy has them!

    While I usually don't fall into conspiracies, I'm not so ignorant to think that Satan is not moving somewhere with something, ever so subtle. The world is pretty screwed up right now, and getting worse. I think that's easy enough to see.
  22. Spike

    Spike TS Evangelist Posts: 2,168


    As I've said already, I don't follow the whole illuminati thing. I know what it's about, and I know of the supposed signs, and I still think it's a load of proverbial horse manure.

    Though, all conspiracy theories have to be based on something in the real world, and so it is I think that the concept of a "New World Order" does hold some truth - but it's not tun by some insidious secret elite that nobody knows about that are really shape-shifting lizards who have come to take over the world. It's happening right in front of our eyes - and again, this I believed BEFORE the book.

    The part of the NWO that is true, is the popular submission to run-away and autonymous government and corporation, but it's not anybody organising it. It's the people allowing it to happen naturally and progressively.

    That's pretty much all I have to say on it, because as Howard has already said, discussion of conspiracy theories is an utterly pointless excercise.

    The WooWoo Credo
  23. halo71

    halo71 TS Rookie Posts: 1,090

    From what I have read, the Illuminati didn't exist for that long of a time. They as the Free Masons were a split from the Knights Templar. But the Masons still exist, what they do these days is kind of a mystery to me. My father-in-law is a Mason, although no longer practicing. He will not answer none of my questions. All he will say about them is, "read the Bible front to back boy". That is what the Mason's are about.

    I do believe there is something to the Da Vinci Code, maybe not the extent it is all talked about though. But who's to say there is not ANY truth to ANY of it. Nobody knows for sure! I think the Church has something to hide. As Spike said, they have a history of this. I think its like saying how do we know that everything in the Bible is 100% correct, we don't. Or at least I don't. Much has been written on that subject as well, talked, preached about etc. and look how the world is. I still remember my grandma when i was a kid talking about the 700 Club and the Falwell's and how they are doing the rightous thing. She would donate money like crazy.....look what happened there a fews years later! HA!
  24. Vigilante

    Vigilante TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,666

    If the free Masons were only about "the bible front to back", they would have NOTHING WHATSOEVER to hide, and wouldn't be secretive about what they "do".

    If there is one conspiracy in the world it's all the "organizations" that twist what the Bible says to justify their actions. Deeper study always reveals their falsehoods. Nowhere does Jesus teach to form secret organizations for manipulating members and society. He doesn't teach to "change the world". He doesn't teach to "infiltrate" all aspects of the world.

    Arg, ok, I'm leaving this thread!
  25. Spike

    Spike TS Evangelist Posts: 2,168

    The Masons don't follow the bible. The Masons are actually non demoninational and have people from many religions. The only requirement is that you must actually follow a religion (one of good standing). They view Divinity as "The Great Architect" (divinity's definition depending on the religion you follow of course).

    The Knights templar were reported as worshipping Baphomet by the Catholic Church (oooh, the heresy). It's believed by many learned people that Baphomet is actually another form of Sophia. What the Templar were actually doing then, was worshipping the feminine. (hence the reason the church didn't like them much in the end, even though The Catholic Church recognises Sophia in Christian Theology.)
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