YouTube is bringing 30-second unskippable ads to TVs


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"non-skips" will appear on YouTube Select content, its advertising platform that targets the top 5% of YouTube videos.

No big deal then.

The bigger problem is sussing out the channels that abuse the ad settings. I was randomly searching around and found a cool looking animation showing comparable speeds of various objects. It was a neat animation. But in the middle of watching it I was getting near constant ads. In a 8 minute video I got 8 or more hard stops for unskippable ads (every 30-60 seconds). I tried a couple more of his videos and *all* of them had been setup that way. It irritated me that I couldn't just outright block the channel so id never see it again.

Contrast that with content that's fairly niche and educational and ill see 3-4 ads over a 70 minute video.

I have noticed in the past couple years creators of content that doesn't fit youtubes world view or their economic model have been breaking away and starting niche subscription services (or even ad supported). Gun channels, police badge cam and similar channels, documentary channels (since long form videos are punished by youtubes algorithm. It wants 8-12 minute videos for the ADHD masses to consume).

Eventually I expect everything to slide down into the muck of the lowest level and everyone will try and be the next tiktok. 30 second videos, web pages full of tiny video clips and the minimum amount of AI written text, etc. All future generations will be incapable of concentrating on any single topic for more then 30 seconds and the most popular video games will all have 60 seconds rounds with microseconds in-between matches so players don't switch games because they had to wait more then 5 seconds for a match to start.