YouTube is experimenting with a "Premium" 1080p streaming option for subscribers

Avro Arrow

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Honestly, if they want to put a higher bitrate streaming option behind a paywall (something that will cost them more than whatever free options I'll still get to use), that's fine with me.

I won't pretend something like this and 4k streaming is cheap. I otherwise couldn't care less to use the highest option of streaming for 99% of youtube videos...
You're right, but it's not like YouTube isn't raking it in. When you're bringing in billions per year, worrying about the cost of streaming 4K seems kinda silly. YouTube is already insanely profitable, they're just doing the Neo-Liberal Capitalism thing called "greeding yourself to death". Sooner or later, every publicly-traded corporation does the same thing when they run out of good ways to increase profitability, no matter how successful the corporation already is.

The Neo-Liberal pipe-dream of "infinite growth" causes a lot of problems because infinite growth is impossible in a finite market. This is why capitalism always ends in monopoly or something very similar because so many corporations self-destruct by doing things like this.