zip 100 drive problem

By lifeis a game
Jun 28, 2006
  1. Hi all I have an internal zip 100 drive and last night I put a disk in that I didn't know had bad tracks and every since then it won't read any of the disk when I put a disk in it clicks twice an atuoplay thing comes up and thats it and if I try to click the drive in my computer the it freezes windows I've checked the cables all is tight I thought it may need realined but can't find anything to do that with I've also went to device manger removed it and let it reinstall it's self any idea? I have win xp home thanks for your help.
  2. fish4specs

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    This may be a "Click of Death" problem. Good site about problem here. I had a similar problem. After using an infected disk the drive itself began to have more and more problems. Eventually when I inserted a disk it would only continue to click. One bad disk can effect the drive which can cause other disks to fail. Mine was out of warranty but Iomega replaced it anyway:grinthumb. Can you test drive in another system or disks in another drive (use caution). There may be info on grc site about your issue, been a while since I looked through his site. Hope this helps.
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