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Mar 3, 2002
  1. I'm planning on getting an Internal IDE Zip 250 drive but I have a question.

    On PC I have the following IDE Devices:


    -Maxtor 20Gb
    -Maxtor 8Gb


    -Pioneer 16x DVD
    -Mitisumi CDRW

    Since I have an MSI KT7 266 Pro RU motherboard I have two extra IDE channels (IDE3 and IDE4) which are the RAID channels . Can I plug the Zip250 into these IDE channels?


  2. LNCPapa

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    Yes you can ss1 - but why don't you move your primary hard drive over to one of those RAID channels as well? I believe those are ATA100 so you may get better performance on it - just remember to set your boot order and put your ZIP drive on it's own channel - it'll be the slowest device you have - prolly.

  3. ss1

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    Thanks for that :).

    I didn't know I could run my HDD's on the RAID channels without them being set as RAID....


  4. boeingfixer

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    Read your manual first. On alot of the boards with the RAID channels you can only put hard drives on these channels.

    But another question is why are you gonna use or get a ZIP dive when you already have a burner ? I have a ZIP in my computer that I don't ever use since I have a burner ?

    To achieve the best performance set your board up like this.

    IDE 1 and 2- CD-ROM,DVD, ZIP etc,

    IDE 3 and 4 hard drives, put your master on one channel (like 3) and your slave on another channel (like 4 ) (as the secondary master)

    Also check the manual and the BOIS, you may have to enable the RAID channels in order for them to work. Also check jumpers if you have them. I have a RAID board and both in bios and by jumper I have to set it for either RAID or ATA/100.

    Hope this helps
  5. setscrew

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    Have you considered a USB drive?

    They are much faster and easier to use than ZIP drive. I have a internal ZIP that I have not used in ten months. Granted the 128MB and larger models cost more than a 250ZIP, but at least you would not have to reshuffle your IDE configuration.

    Check out this thread
  6. ss1

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    Well the main reason I use a Zip Drive is because I still use them quite a lot at University. It's easier for me to save my work (Thus also backing up) my work on a Zip disc drive from the public workstation (All the University Comps have Zip Disc drives), than it is to email my java projects. Also any MP3's that I download from the worksation comps, I also transfer on to 250 or 100mb Zip discs.

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