iConquer is the original game of world conquest for the Mac. Take over every country on the map and eliminate your opponents to win. iConquer comes with gorgeous high-definition maps of cities, countries, continents and the world. Challenge yourself by playing against eleven kinds of computer players, or play your friends over the network.

Exclusively for Mac OS X

iConquer was especially designed to take full advantage of Mac OS X. It offers a rich Aqua user experience, with stunning graphics and cool icons. Click to see a screenshot of iConquer.

“Would you like to play a game?”

iConquer uses advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to simulate formidable adversaries like Napoleon or Stalin.

iConquer comes with six built-in computer personalities to choose from, or you can let the game pick one at random. There's even an option to keep the computer's choice secret, so you don't know what kind of personality you're playing against. And you can download additional player plug-ins within the program.

Play against your friends

Network play adds a whole new dimension to iConquer. You and up to five friends can use your Internet connection to play against each other. Each player sees the same map on their screen. You can even iChat with each other!

What's New:

The all-new iConquer 4 features high-definition maps of cities like New York, London and Paris, new AI computer adversaries, full screen mode, play-by-play game messages, heads-up display windows, and much more!