HostMonitor is a highly scalable network monitoring software suitable for small and enterprise-level networks.


  • Over 140 test methods - HostMonitor can check almost any parameter of your servers;
  • Highly flexible action profiles allow you to start actions in predefined order depending on the test results;
  • HostMonitor creates various log files using different detail levels and file formats (Text, HTML, DBF and ODBC);
  • Built-in Report Manager allows you to create and customize reports to your liking in a variety of ways;
  • Using Remote Monitoring Agents for Windows, FreeBSD, Linux, NetBSD, OpenBSD and Solaris you may easily monitor remote networks;
  • Web Service, Telnet Service and Remote Control Console simplifies remote management;

What's New

  • When you select many test items and click Edit button, you may change "Tune up Reply value" explession; Timeout and Retries parameters (number of packets for Ping tests) in addition to other parameters you could modify before.
  • "Mark unused" popup menu item for RMA list. When you are managing list of Remote Monitoring Agents using menu LANs -> RMA agents you may use new menu item to grey out all RMA agents currently not used. HostMonitor checks all folder settings, test settings (within loaded test list), action setting and Network Discovery settings
  • Minor performance improvements

The following issue was resolved

  • HostMonitor v 14.24 could resolve %FullPath% variable incorrectly. Fixed