A real start button

8StartButton is not just a start screen button, it is a full start button with a full new designed start menu

Three start menus

Access the new 8StartButton start menu, the Windows 8 apps screen, or the Windows 8 start screen with a regular left mouse button click

Fully integrating

Get back what Microsoft skipped: a start button + start menu fully integrated into Windows 8

Highly customizable

Customize and personalize your start button with in-build images, or use your own button pictures

Fully configurable

Change the in-build start menu buttons' appearance, images, and commands, change tile order, add additional tiles

Full control

Full control over Windows 8 with the included quick access menus to shutdown and restart, and additional Windows features

Especially designed for Windows 8

8StartButton is fully compatible with Windows 8 - it was designed exclusively for Windows 8 only

32bit and 64bit supported

8StartButton includes both a 32bit as well as a 64bit edition in one setup. Depending on the target system's architecture the correct version is installed

International user interface

8StartButton includes an English, a German, and a French user interface. More languages to come. It is easy to translate the interface to other languages

Running as a system service

8StartButton runs as a system service for best performance. It integrates itself into any new user account automatically and does not require a lot of CPU usage and RAM

Introduction included

When you start 8StartButton for the very first time, the software guides you through it's main features by introducing itself

Start button right click context menu

To quickly access system events like system shutdown, system restart, etc. the 8StartButton context menu provides everything required

Customize existing buttons

The registered edition of 8StartButton supports the customization of 10 start menu buttons, as well as of all start menu tiles

Includes more than 850 icons

To make sure that you can quickly configure your own commands we have included a library of more than 850 (!) ready to use icons

See-through start screen and start menu

You can make the Windows 8 start screen translucent if it is displayed as your start menu. Same with the 8StartButton start menu

Re-arrange start tiles by drag and drop

In the registerededition of 8StartButton you can re-arrange the start menu tiles by drag and drop. It can't be easier to customize 8StartButton