The data can't be accessed by other programs or on other operating systems such as DOS. The only way to access or unhide these data is to enter the valid password. However, this application is designed for home use only but not recommended for commercial settings which require more strict security measures.

Free of Charge

Wise Folder Hider is another freeware from All users are free to use it, update it and get basic technical supports.

Easy to Hide Data

By several simple clicks, you can hide your private and sensitive data.(such as confidential documents, photos, videos)

Double Password Protection

For safety’s sake, there is a double password protection mechanism in Wise Folder Hider. A primary password to log in it, and a secondary password to hide and unhide the data.

Support Drag and Drop

You can simply drag and drop an object file/folder into Wise Folder Hider. This feature is avaliable in Win8/7/Vista OS(only when UAC is disabled) and XP OS.

Support Right-Click

You can hide files/folders by right-click without opening Wise Folder Hider. You will be able to access/unhide these files or folders when you log in WFH.

Support USB Drive (except external hard disk)

Compared to other tools, Wise Folder Hider can hide the whole directory of a removable drive. Of course, it also can hide files or folders from a removable drive as other tools.

What's New:

  • Standardized the form of passwords; enhanced security and stability.
  • Newly added language packages: Thai, Kurdish(Kurmanci) and Slovenian.
  • Other minor improvements.