The Rescue CD can also be used for more advanced repair and data recovery operations.

The Rescue CD contains Knoppix (a derivative of Linux), an operating system that runs completely from the CD and allows access to your computer's Windows operating system and hard disks.

Note: the Rescue CD cannot scan encrypted disks.

Rescue CD scans the computer and tries to disinfect all found malware. If disinfection is not successful it renames all files containing malware to .virus file extension:

  • Rescue CD will by default scan:
    • all hard drives in the computer
    • all USB drives attached to the computer
    • Windows FAT and NTFS drives
  • Virus definition databases are updated automatically if the computer has an internet connection
  • Virus definition databases can be updated manually by using a USB drive
  • The Rescue CD Guide (pdf) has step by step instructions how use the CD