PerfectDisk, the world's most popular and thorough disk defragmentation solution, combines speed, thoroughness flexibility, control and easeofuse to help improve PC and server performance. Global enterprises benefit from faster computers through regular, automated, unattended defragmentation with PerfectDisk. Certified by Microsoft® for Windows, PerfectDisk is designed for today's largest disk drives. With PerfectDisk's Command Center management console, complete management and control is at the administrator's fingertips. If you are serious about disk defragmentation, optimization, and free space consolidation, you'll find PerfectDisk meets your high demands and requirements.

The PerfectDisk Difference:

  • Certified by Microsoft
  • The PerfectDisk Command Center, the most robust defragmentation management console available today * providing full deployment, configuration , management and reporting for the enterprise
  • Designed to defragment the largest and most fragmented drives
  • SMARTPlacement™ patented optimization strategy to reduce time and resources consumed during defragmentation runs
  • Space Restoration Technology™ to consolidate free space into the largest possible blocks
  • AutoPilot Scheduling to automate everything
  • Patent*pending Resource Savert™ technology to speed defragmentation
  • Intelligent screen saver mode
  • Defragments files and free space in one pass
  • CPU and I/O throttling
  • Requires as little as 5% free space
  • Single File Defrag
  • Perfect Management provides complete integration with Active Directory reshold capabilities for enhanced automation
  • Full*featured command line options (local and network) to accommodate unique environments
  • Works seamlessly with PerfectDisk for Exchange to automate the offline compaction & defragmentation of Exchange data stores

What's New:

  • Improved defragmentation speed.
  • Added ability to work in lower screen resolutions, such as 800x600 or 1024x768.
  • Added print statistics functionality.
  • Updated help files.
  • Added ability to set license key via Active Directory Group Policy.
  • Added the logging of a reason why the StealthPatrol schedule was suspended.
  • Added "Every X weeks" field to the Exchange weekly schedule.
  • Added Help Button in PerfectDisk Settings window.
  • F1 opens Help.
  • Added a warning when manually starting Exchange Defragmentation that this will dismount the datastore/stop the services.