Lost Planet 3 -> SimCity

Lost Planet 3

As a prequel to Lost Planet: Extreme Condition and Lost Planet 2, the third game returns players to the icy planet of EDN III as colonist Jim Peyton who works as a miner for Neo-Venus Construction (NEVEC), a megacorporation that served as an antagonist in the first two titles (and eventually does in Lost Planet 3 as Peyton uncovers a conspiracy). The third release reverts to a story-driven adventure similar to the first game and it's being made by western studio Spark Unlimited instead of Capcom, though series creator Kenji Oguro is still the director.

Metro: Last Light

Set in 2034, Metro: Last Light returns players to the post-apocalyptic station-cities of a dilapidated Moscow railway. The story follows the ending of Metro 2033 as the main character, Artyom, seeks a mysterious prisoner who is the key to humanity's survival. Unlike Metro: 2033, Last Light isn't based off of Dimitri Glukhovski's books, though the author is assisting 4A Games. You can expect better AI, more situational options and improved stealth. Of note, THQ sold the Metro franchise's publishing rights to Koch Media for $5.8 million in late January.

Rainbow 6: Patriots

Despite its ambiguous 2013 release estimate, it's unclear if Patriots will ship this year after losing three top developers last March and Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot subsequently suggesting the game might be a launch title for next-generation consoles. Nonetheless, when it arrives, it's expected to deliver a fresh take on the Rainbow Six franchise with a strong cinematic narrative that forces you to make difficult moral decisions in the field while countering a revolutionary force known as the "True Patriots" who seek to overthrow the US government.

Rise of the Triad

Faithfully recreated by Interceptor Entertainment and Apogee Software, Rise of the Triad will be a blast from the past for old school shooter fans. The remake will offer five playable special operative H.U.N.T. (High-Risk United Nations Taskforce) characters with unique traits, more than 20 single player levels, familiar weapons such as the excalibat and drunk missile, classic game modes including elasto mode and dog mode, as well as the ability to play with the original sounds and music or with a modernized heavy metal rendition of the classic soundtrack.


Besides having spiffier 3D graphics, an improved user interface and data presentation, and a redesigned simulation engine, Maxis' sixth major installment to the SimCity series introduces several major new features, including the ability to build your city near up to 16 other players, allowing for multiplayer strategy such as the ability to co-develop shared structures such as an airport. Other notable additions include upgradable buildings, the ability to construct non-orthogonal roads, and a finite resource system that enhances strategy.