WTF?! Stories about video games saving people's lives aren't new, but such claims are rarely as literal as this one. A Starfield player has credited Bethesda's title for saving both himself and his family after staying up to play the RPG meant he was awake when a fire broke out in their apartment complex.

A Reddit post by u/tidyckilla explains that he has been eagerly anticipating the arrival of the game since the first trademark rumors arrived almost ten years ago. He was one of the many people who pre-ordered the Premium Edition, ensuring early access ahead of its upcoming launch date. While the fan might have ignored the often-repeated warning of not pre-ordering games, it appears that doing so in this instance saved his life and his family's.

tidyckilla writes that on the night of August 31, he decided to binge Starfield by staying up as late as possible. At 02:26 a.m., he heard an explosion that came from the downstairs neighbor's apartment. Pausing the game to investigate, he saw flames rising up the stairwell toward his own home.

Starfield saved me and my family's life
by u/tidyckilla in Starfield

Grabbing his wife and cat, tidyckilla rushed to safety, suffering only minor burns in the process. He said that if it weren't for the late-night Starfield bingeing session, they would have all died from smoke inhalation. "I want to thank this game for saving my family and me from a horrible fate."

The poster went on to explain that his wife slept through the explosion, adding that the sealed doors between the fire and his apartment mean the smoke detectors likely wouldn't have gone off until the fire had already blocked his family's escape – they didn't sound until his wife opened the door to run. Using the windows was also out of the question as the fire went up the front and back of the building, blowing them out just as the family escaped.

Escaping the building sounds like no easy feat. "Just had to feel my way out," tidyckilla said, with a "wall of fire coming up the stairs."

It's believed that the cause of the explosion was a woman in the apartment below who was on oxygen and smoking, causing the tanks to explode. tidyckilla assured people his family is now safe in a hotel room where he is still playing Starfield on his Xbox.