In brief: If you're an Apple fan with a large disposable income and interested in buying a Vision Pro, be prepared to spend a while at your local Apple store. Demos for the $3,500 mixed-reality headset, which Apple insists on calling a spatial computer, will reportedly last up to 25 minutes.

Apple undoubtedly faces a tough time trying to convince people to spend three and a half thousand dollars on a its upcoming headset. To ensure potential buyers experience the device at its best, the company is introducing an extensive demo lasting almost half an hour, writes Bloomberg's Mark Gurman.

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The first part of the Vision Pro demonstration will involve scanning the user's face with an app, much like the setup process for Face ID. This will inform the employee which light seal, foam cushion, and band size the customer will need. The light seal, used to stop light from leaking in, comes in more than 25 shapes and sizes, while the cushions come in two different sizes.

We already know that the Vision pro isn't compatible with glasses, so wearers will need specific lenses fitted to the headset. Apple workers will use a device to scan glasses lenses to confirm prescription information, after which another worker will assemble the Vision Pro demo unit with the correct accessories. There will apparently be hundreds of in-store lenses for the Vision Pro demonstrations.

Showing off the customized unit will involve explaining how the user interface works, including controlling the pointer with your eyes and how to make the correct hand gestures. Even how to hold the headset will be part of the demo. The employee will also let users view 3D (spatial) photos and videos, show how the Vision Pro works as a computer or iPad replacement, load some third-party apps, scroll through web pages via Safari, and more. Everything that the customer sees, the Apple worker will see on their iPad.

Those who are certain they'll love the Vision Pro and don't need the demo can buy the headset online, though they will be encouraged to try one of the units at a store first. They will still need to use an iPhone or iPad to scan their heads to get the right strap, and they'll need their vision prescription information if required.

The demo is free and doesn't require you to pre-order or purchase the headset. Customers can sign up for a demo at their local Apple Stores, starting at 8:00 am on Friday, February 2, the day the Vision Pro launches.