In a nutshell: Lian Li has shared what could be the next entry in its standing desk series; I say "could be" because it is still a prototype at this time. The new DK-07 height-adjustable desk features a glass tabletop that covers the PC area. It is surrounded by aluminum, but the standout feature is without a doubt the 30-inch widescreen LG transparent OLED display under the glass that serves as a secondary monitor for your system.

Other new additions include a top accessible drawer on the right side of the desk, and a cup holder on the left side can keep your drink cool or warm. At the top left of the desk, you will find a retractable USB hub that sits flush with the tabletop but pops up when needed.

The DK-07 can accommodate graphics cards up to four slots wide and 340 mm in length using a riser cable. Storage wise, the desk has four drive bays that can hold 3.5-inch HDDs or 2.5-inch SSDs and are accessible from the outside. It is also equipped with a single monitor arm although it is unclear how large of a screen it can support.

Lian Li's latest is no slouch in the cooling department, either. The DK-07 can support up to two 360 mm or two 280 mm radiators and six 120 mm / five 140 mm up front. Up to a 360 mm radiator and three 120 mm fans can fit on the right side of the motherboard, and up to a 360 mm or 280 mm radiator and three 120 mm or two 140 mm fans can go on the left side.

Again, this is just a prototype for the time being. Lian Li said it is looking forward to hearing user feedback in the comments section. Should it come to fruition, you can be sure it won't come cheap. Lian Li's DK-04 retails for $1,499 over on Newegg while the newer DK-05 will set you back $1,899 from Micro Center.