A new book about securing servers reveals not public known security holes which could allow hackers to gain more ground.

Ati's upcoming R420 is a 12 pipeline unit, Nvidia's NV40 is a 16 pipeline unit.

New sun advertisement campaign very pro AMD.

Incase you have not heard; The AMD Mobile “Barton” is a great chip for overclocking, here are Geek Extereme's results. Thanks HardOCP

ATI 9600Pro vs ATI 9800SE review, hint: the 9800 ”SE” does not win by much.

Unreal Tournament has gone gold, the dedicated version is free if you want to host a server. Download the demo and find out for yourself if you should buy the full version or not.

Will EU or Microsoft win in the current case? We should know later this week...

Cat's for your ATI card, get them now, this is release 4.3 (2004 Month 3)

You thought the Via ITX all new 12cm computer was small? Check out the Single Board Computers at
mini-itx (scroll down a bit)

Kill the mhz myth, again, this time it is Intel trying.