Intergraph has won a suit that will cost the chip giant $225 million, the graphics company sued Intel in 2001 in a case that involved Intergraph's PIC (Parallel Instruction Computing) patents that were said to be used in the development of Intel's Itanium without Intergraph's permission or paying any royalties to the company.

Intel has now settled Under the terms of the settlement, announced Tuesday, Intel will buy a license to Intergraph's PIC technology. In return, Intergraph signed a covenant forbidding it from suing Intel customers for products that include Intel microprocessors, chipsets and motherboards.

Also as part of the case's settlement, Intergraph resolved its related dispute with Dell, Gateway and Hewlett-Packard for infringing on Intergraph's C5 Clipper processor system patents.
While Dell claims some kind of indemnity thanks to an existing agreement with Intel, Intergraph is expected to continue its case against HP and Gateway later this year.