Earlier today I noticed there was a bug in our news system that affected posting comments, at first instance this was preventing unregistered members to post and even registered in some cases, this has been fixed now so if you had a problem posting earlier, our most sincere apologies.

As was announced a few days ago, unregistered users can now post news comments, we encourage all of you to participate in our daily tech discussions.

Another new development is the new customized look for news stories and the availability of a RSS news feed, feel free to use RSS readers to check us out during the day or to syndicate our news.

Finally, we are proud to announce that TechSpot has joined the Techtracker Network, a prestigious publishers group. Mac users will probably recognize them more easily as they have been providing content for the Mac since 1996. During the last year, Techtracker has expanded their business over Windows content and that's where TechSpot comes right in. Although it's too early to tell in what magnitude TS will benefit, we are hoping this will let the site grow significantly in the mid to long-term.