Well, it looks like the first PCI Express stuff is here! Intel's first desktop chip sets supporting the 2.5-Gbits/s serial PCI Express - which will ultimately replace legacy parallel PCI - are on their way sooner than we thought!

"[COLOR=#1951B9]As expected, Intel Corp. is rolling out this month its first desktop chip sets to use the PCI Express bus. The Grantsdale and Alderwood chip sets are being released in tandem with a refreshed line of desktop Pentium processors.[/COLOR]"

"[COLOR=#1951B9]The new chip sets are also the first to support a new high- definition audio standard Intel had previously disclosed under the code-named Azalea. The processors also use a new LGA-775 package that will pave the way for future dual-core and 64-bit processors.[/COLOR]"

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