Lots of articles dotting up all over the place about AMD's new budget processor, the Sempron.

This chip is AMD's answer to the Intel Celeron "D" processor. Its probably not the sort of thing that will win any awards for being the best performing gaming chip, but its going to serve loads of people who use machines for word processing, surfing the net, and a lot of other office and home stuff.

"The Sempron processors, are AMD's "ron" placement to the Duron processor. Sempron should fall at a lower performance point than equivalent rated parts from other AMD processor lines."

But are they really new?

"The Sempron is a new product line, but regular TR readers will be familiar with the processors themselves already. The majority of Semprons, right now, are renamed Athlon XP processors with new model numbers and a slightly different mix of clock and bus speeds. Other than the name, they're virtually indistinguishable from an Athlon XP."

Take a look at a AMD Sempron 2800 and 3100+, here.