"There is no room for a what-the-heck [attitude] in the new environment, and no room for lazy programmers." - C++ training consultant Dan Saks

The IT world is constantly changing, but one fact is becoming more and more certain: keeping learning or die. Engineers and programmers had better be prepared to learn new languages and programming skills in order to make themselves indispensable, according to training consultant Dan Saks in his keynote speech at Embedded Systems Conference yesterday. And there was never a truer word spoken. In today's IT world, the technologist should be prepared to continually broaden his or her horizons, or they should look for another job as a chimney sweep or something. Although the threat of outsourcing to India or China may not be as great as some fear when considering their IT jobs, only a constant learning process and a love of one's work will keep that threat at bay totally. OK, its not exactly news - but its a lesson everyone here who wants (or has) and IT career should know.