Shipments of the Athlon64 processor continue to do well, with the company expecting to ship 600,000 of the CPUs in Q3, and an even more optimistic 1.5-2 million of the chips in Q4. More here.

Valve and Sierra Entertainment, a Vivendi Universal Games brand, have their day in court approaching, in the continuing saga of a two-year legal dispute between the two firms, which started when Sierra placed Valve games in Internet cafes in the US and abroad in 2002. "Sierra's activities are outside the scope of Sierra's limited license...and therefore constitute copyright infringement in violation of the Copyright Act of 1976."

Sony are expected to release a smaller version of the PS2 on the 26th of October, called the PStwo. It will be 30 percent smaller than a regular PS2, and is expected to retail for $149.