Is IE going the way of the dinosaur? Some people think so. Its been years since a full, complete upgrade release was made available. Meanwhile, other browsers like Firefox continue to get better and better. IE is continually in the press for security glitches and other problems. So... is IE dying?

"Redmond rejects that notion, saying instead that the long wait for an IE update is an indication of the work it's putting into the next incarnation of the browser. If Microsoft's plans pan out, it will unveil dramatic new features that will take Web browsing to an entirely new level--in many ways stepping beyond the browser completely."

Its been often noted that, because a lot of html developers seem to be lazy, many web pages are IE friendly only, and give clunky and ugly renderings in Firefox and other browsers. So even if IE is out of date and insecure, do we still need it anyway? And if we need it, is there anything that could be added to it to make it better?