Earlier this week, it was revealed by Nintendo President Satoru Iwata, that the company's upcoming handheld console touted 'DS' (dual-screen) will have the capability of downloading game data wirelessly.

Nintendo seems to be preparing a number of innovations with its upcoming console that for the first time in many years will face the competition from other console makers such as Sony.

"The DS's wireless connection isn't just a substitute for the link cable that was used on the Game Boy (for multiplayer games). The DS has wireless download capability, which allows it to receive a program and to execute it. With it, people can play games together using only one cartridge," said Iwata, citing as one example Super Mario 64 DS' four-player, one-cartridge simultaneous game play.

According to the article, Nintendo also plans to distribute game demos wirelessly in stores and even in movie theaters, something that hasn't been done before.