Wal-Mart Wants $10 CDs - Wal-mart wants every CD you buy to cost less than ten bucks. And the nation's largest retailer -- which moved a quarter of a trillion dollars' worth of goods last year -- usually gets its way.

Microsoft: The reality behind the image - There's something about the slow-starter strategy that works like an absolute charm for Microsoft. Throughout its history, the company has recovered from mediocre product launches that ultimately morph into smash hits.

MP3 losing steam? - After years as the unrivaled king of the digital-media world, the venerable MP3 music format is losing ground to rival technologies from Microsoft and Apple Computer.

Broadband: More Power to You - Federal regulators on Thursday adopted rules aimed at tempting electric utilities to offer broadband services -- a move officials hope will someday enable U.S. consumers to jack in to the web from virtually any power outlet.

Rambus sales, earnings rise on royalties - Memory technology developer Rambus saw last year's XDR licences start to pay off during the third quarter of its 2004 fiscal year, the company reported last night.

Corel announced today the acquisition of Jasc Software, Inc., developer of the popular Paint Shop family of digital-photography and image editing software.