Infinium Labs, the console maker most famous for not really having a console, seems to be consolidating on its plans, I guess having Sun as a partner will never come as a bad idea.

Infinium Labs and Sun Microsystems have announced plans to create a network and infrastructure to stream content for Infinium's flagship Phantom Game Service, direct to the living room. The Phantom Game service will be built upon a scalable, cost-effective and highly secure solution that harnesses the power of the network, allowing consumers access to a huge library of PC games on-demand.

Infinium Labs chose to work with Sun's Game Technologies Group after evaluating the offerings of several undisclosed providers in the space. Infinium Labs and Sun plan to deploy joint marketing programs that underscore their shared vision for the video game industry.

Some people say Infinium's "Phantom Game Service" couldn't be named better. Oh well, I can do nothing but welcome another player, if it ever makes it to the market.