Unlike rival Intel, who are very keen to push the BTX standard, AMD have revealed that they have no plans to immediately back BTX, in whole or in part. AMD claim that any intention to do so would stem purely from customer demand. Basically, the company has no immediate plans to promote BTX at all. Likely, this comes about because of the vast amount of system design that is needed to get BTX compliance - system specs have to be designed with every element of a BTX based system having to be precision engineered and thoroughly tested.

This is almost a complete repetition of what happened when ATX initially appeared, some time back in 1998. Intel immediately embraced the format, and if you wanted a nice new Pentium II, you had to go with ATX. AMD, however, held back and the result was many AMD K6-2 and K6-3 AT based systems being around for a while, when Intel had completely forgotten AT. Perhaps the same thing will happen this time, when to get the latest and greatest Intel platform you will need to switch to BTX, whereas AMD solutions will still fit in your old case for some time to come.