Spam, spam, spam! When will it end? Well, certainly not next year anyway, with even more e-mail troubles predicted.

"Despite the collective brain share of the best technical and legal minds fighting spam, I predict 2005 will be a banner year for unwanted e-mail.

This isn't just a guess: Evidence suggests more spam is on the way. E-mail security firm MX Logic reports that spam accounted for 80 percent of all e-mail in 2004, up from 62 percent in 2003. The company predicts the proportion will continue rising in 2005."

Many new viruses might be on the cards soon, exploiting new types of software such as desktop search software like that offered by Google, locating your personal data and sending it to dishonest parties. But its not just viruses - all of these annoying spam messages and phishing nonsense is also predicted to rise.