Bit-torrent hub LokiTorrent has said that it will not bow to MPAA / Legal pressure to close, and have launched a p2p-defence fund to help in a future case against MPAA lawyers.

There are many reasons why I am doing this, but the primary reason is that I run a completely legal website that the MPAA or anyone else has no right to force me to close. In just the past few weeks, the MPAA has forced the shutdown of many other bittorrent sites which were setup to do nothing more than allow people to share what they wished. It will be a dark day when we roll over to let organizations such as the RIAA and MPAA make our freedom of speech laws for us. I'm sure you have heard of the bill the RIAA is currently trying to pass here in the US making ALL reproduction and recording devices illegal? If that bill passes, even our telephone answering machines will be considered illegal. As I cannot lobby government to prevent such self-serving bills from passing, I will fight the battles I am able to. When I was given this lawsuit, I simply made a conscience decision that if it has already gone this far, it is time I took action to stop it for myself. The astounding support from the community is simply reinforcement of my position.