NVIDIA remains extremely quiet about its forthcoming products, but its likely that they will not release a new graphics architecture earlier than in late 2005. GeForce 6 technology will carry the company throughout 2005.

"In terms of the core discreet desktop graphics (58% of revenue) franchise, NVIDIA will not release a new architecture until the end of 2005. This could allow ATI Technologies a window of superior performance if its gets its R520 products out on time (mid-2005). Overall, we expect little movement in desktop discreet market share in 2005 between NVIDIA and ATI Technologies." - Research and investment firm Goldman Sachs.

It is known that the company is readying its code-named NV47 visual processing unit, a massively revamped GeForce 6 architecture with 24 pixel pipelines. Expected sometime in spring 2005, NV47 is (of course) still GeForce 6 architecture. How NV47 will compare with ATI's R520 product is currently unknown.

However, NVIDIA remains positive about 2005.

"Our discussion with NVIDIA focused on their organic growth opportunities in 2005, particularly related to the cell phone. NVIDIA is expecting growth in all its businesses in 2005, with the most growth coming out of its wireless handset processors. NVIDIA expects handset revenue to be $25 million or more for the January quarter (we are modeling $27.5 million), and for this figure to grow again in April." - Research and investment firm Goldman Sachs.