Digital photography is an area of growing interest that was also an instant hit with consumers, helping drive a healthy demand for digital cameras, and also other technologies such as broadband connections. Now, Google wants to help us organise and share our stuff.

Google's Picasa service enhancements will allow photographers to edit, organize, and share photographs easily. The service even includes a messaging service called Hello through which users can share pictures, and in addition there is provision for the service to allow users to easily send photos using Gmail.

This expansion is part of Google's ongoing strategy to enlarge its range of products and services.

It's quite obvious -- and necessary -- that Google can't rest on its own laurels as it continues to stretch the definition of "search" into the realms of organization. This is its bid to become a deeply entrenched part of computer users' experiences the second they boot up their computers. Given Google's super-premium price tag, though, investors expect no less.