What do Google, MSN, Yahoo and blog software developers have in common? They are all working on combating "comment spam" - commercial messages placed in the comment sections of Weblogs. Such spam is used often to fool search engines into increasing the spammer's link popularity. The move will see these companies and developers move to supporting a tag called "nofollow," which prevents links in blog comments from being seen by search-engine crawlers. This seems to be required since it appears that "comment spam" is on the rise.

Unlike e-mail spammers, who send out hundreds of thousands of messages in the hope that a few people will respond, most comment spammers tend to be more focused on gaming thesearch engine Latest News about search engine rankings.

"Spammers are hoping that their comment spams made to blogs are indexed and will eventually increase their ranking in search engines for their sites." - David Czarnecki, blojsom founder.