If like me you have a notebook, you will probably be wishing that it had better battery life. There's nothing worse than watching that power indicator drain away when you are on the move, or sitting in some coffee shop writing code. But not to worry, BatteryLife have the answer - or at least a part of it, since they have an invention that helps to extend battery life by up to 18%. Currently, the technology is being used in mobiles, but a notebook version is on the way soon.

BATTERYLIFE, which makes the Activator for lithium ion and lithium polymer rechargeable batteries, said that an independent group has verified that the gizmo improves capacity by 18 per cent.

The foil, which fits within a mobile phone, was certified by TUV Rheinland in accordance with DIN 60086-1 and DIN 60086-2, said the company.

The report said that lithium ion battery was used in a mobile phone and tested under everyday conditions. It dischared in 2.53 hours. But after attaching the foil, and testing it several times, the battery worked for nearly three hours.

The €9.99 foil measures 50mm by 35mm. Battery Life said it will bring another bigger foil to market in March for use with notebook machines.