Been playing popular online multiplayer game Lineage lately? Then I hope you don't have a virus on your machine. Security experts have confirmed that a Trojan designed to steal usernames and passwords from players of the game has begun to surface.

The virus, called LegMir-Y, sits on the host PC and attempts to steal players' login details. There's really nothing more impressive about it than that - its just a boring old virus, but what's nasty about it is its targeting of gamers, as well as the notion that it may be stealing registration keys and even data from user's hard drives as well.

"It is more and more common for the analysts in our virus lab to discover that, as well as causing disruption, a piece of new malware is designed to steal registration keys, passwords and data from players of computer games." - Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant at Sophos.

As always, Techspot recommends that you install anti-virus software, and keep it up to date. You should regularly check for patches and updates for your OS which may protect it against security problems, and you should install a personal firewall program such as ZoneAlarm.