Lite-on has announced what it believes is the world's fastest DVD rewriter. Implementing an Atapi/E-IDE interface, and boasting 2MB data buffer, 8x DVD+RW and 6x DVD-RW rewriting speeds, plus DVD+R at 16x, and dual-layer DVD+R at 4x, the SOHW-1673S is Lite-on's new pride and joy.

It also features "floating double suspension systems" to reduce drive noise and vibration. The drive uses Lite-on's SmartBurn buffer underrun error prevention code and its Smart-X speed optimisation software. Lite-on will also bundle an array of DVD authoring and disc burning software, including PowerDVD, Nero Express 6 and Nero Vision Express.

When will you be able to fit this baby inside your machine? Well, right now. The SOHW-1673S is available now for £65. A USB 2.0 version is also planned for release soon.